Phones were supposedly created to make our lives simpler and life more convenient. However, the device itself is only the beginning, each time we see an upgrade to a device, we need some mount or holder to keep our smart phone in a convenient and readily accessible position no matter where we are, what we are driving, what we are riding, or what we are flying.

Although many of us can remember our lives without phones and mobile devices, today we cannot imagine life without them or how we survived life before we had them. I hope that we can interact together to find the greatest solutions to our phone holder needs.

As many different occupations as there are today, there are that many different needs in phone grip devices. Exploring the needs and available mounting holders and devices is the primary focus of this website. I will provide my evaluations and opinions to help enable you to choose the best option in mounting devices to best serve your needs whether at work or at play.

The priority for each and every one of us should be choosing the accessories and  mounts that make our lives safer rather than more convenient. In certain circumstances based on our individual preferences and temptations, the best cell phone mount might be located in the trunk or glove box of your vehicle where you are unable to reach it. Some of us cannot resist the temptation to text or check our Email while we are driving. As crazy as that seems today, it wasn’t too many years ago that you could not text or even dream of email on your smart phone.

Some mobile models will require a proprietary  mounting device and others will easily accept a universal version. With the increased capabilities and advancements in technology the usefulness and creature comforts of our phone use has exploded exponentially. We use our phones as music devices or even extra small televisions or video calling centers. Therefore what type of  mounting device will often be dictated by our specific needs.