How a Car Phone Holder Can Save Your Life


don't drive while textingHolding a phone to your ear while driving is just an accident waiting to happen. More than that, it’s an accident that has happened. If you have a  phone holder in your car, you can more easily put your smartphone on speaker and have whatever conversation that you need to. Side note of caution: If it’s an emotional call or conversation, you shouldn’t have it anyway. Stress and anxiety can impair your judgment when driving.



When your phone rings in the car, out of habit, you take a look to see who it is that is calling you. The excuse people give: “It only takes a second”. It also only takes a second for something bad to happen on the road. It’s understandable though, you do want to know if it’s an emergency call. The easy solution is to have a smart phone holder docked at eye level on your dashboard or on the air vent. This way, when someone calls you, you can easily see who it is, and make the choice of whether or not to answer it. It also makes it much easier to place the call on speaker phone so that you can continue a hands free call.

clever grip how it worksNot only a  holder is great for phone calls, it also enables you to see who is sending you a text message more easily than digging for your phone and taking your eyes off of the road. When a text comes through, you can simply look over at the phone and see who it is. This by no means gives you the permission to text back. If it requires you to take your hands and eyes off of the wheel, then it shouldn’t be done. However, if it is an important message, then you can easily call the person as most phones have a quick call option that you can initiate a phone call with a simple touch. Or, you can enable voice dialing so that you can make a quick phone call to the person just by saying their name. This way, you don’t have to risk your life and the lives of others by needing to text back, but you can also address any issues or situations that need to be dealt with by phoning the person.

A car phone holder is so much more than a way to avoid losing your phone in the car, it eliminates any and all excuses that people have of why they had to pick up their phone and text or call someone at the moment that they did. If the girl in the commercial had a phone grip, perhaps it wouldn’t have ended in the way that it did. Luckily you have the choice to change things for yourself before it gets that severe.


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