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What is it

clever gripThe Clever Grip, available at, has been seen on a number of TV commercials and demonstrates that using a forceful grip technology, that you can mount your smart phone right to your air vent. This puts it in an upright position and lets you see the screen clearly. There’s no high-tech installation needed.

Holding your phone in your lap may have seemed like a convenient idea, until you hit the brakes and it falls onto the floor causing you to panic. Maybe you’ve bought other car phone mounts in the past only to be disappointed. The glass mountable cell phone holder was great in theory, until the weather changed and then the suction cup wouldn’t stay on the glass. With the Clever Grip, you simply put the clip on the vent, put your phone inside and adjust the grip to fit your phone.

Whether you have a small phone or the biggest tablet sized phone, the grip will adjust to your phone and hold it tightly. No more mounting your phone only to have it fall out of the grip. Your phone is held securely at eye level for your safety and convenience. No more risk, no more damage, no more disappointment.

How it works

clever grip air vent how it worksThis air vent phone holder is the simplest product to use. There are always instructions included, but you honestly don’t need them. You remove the product from the package, and clip it to your air vent in your car. Then, place your phone in between the grips and adjust it to fit you phone. Big phones, small phones, medium sized phones, it doesn’t matter. It is designed to fit all phones.

Not only that, is also designed to enable charging your phone in the car. Its convenience is reason enough to buy it. There are a number of other benefits that the Clever Grip has above its ability to be clipped to the air vent and charging compatibility.

The three things that people use their phones for most are talking, texting, and apps. When the phone rings when you’re in the car, it’s difficult to fight the urge to take a look and see who it is. The same goes for texting. We’re only human!

Having this air vent car phone holder lets you see who’s calling or texting with the simple glance to the phone. You don’t have to go digging in your pocket or under the seat to find your phone. You can also answer your phone and easily put it on speaker without fidgeting and running the risk of causing an accident by not paying attention. Just reach over, answer the call, and hit the speaker button. You can have a hands-fee, legal, safe conversation right in your car.

clever grip is adaptableTexting in a car is never recommended when you’re driving. However there are some messages that you do want to address while on the road. When the text comes through, having your phone mounted allows you to quickly glance over and read the message, or at least see who it’s from. If it’s someone that you want to get back to immediately, you can initiate a phone call with the click of a button. Most all phones come with a voice dial option. Clever Grip leaves all of your main phone buttons open and allows you to activate voice dial easily.

The app that is most used for people in the car is the GPS App. Having your phone in your lap while running a navigation app isn’t helpful at all. You have to keep your eyes on the road to see where you’re going. Looking down isn’t only unsafe, but it defeats the purpose of having a GPS at all. Mounting your phone on the air vent  allows you to have the navigation system right in front of you at eye level. It’s the recommended level for proper reception as well as where you would conveniently look to see the screen.

Where you can buy

While the Clever Grip has been seen on TV,  you can order at

There’s a special deal happening right now that enables you to get a second Clever Grip! You can have a second one in your other car, or even give it as a gift to a friend. Not only are you giving them the gift of convenience to allow them to be able to handle important calls in the car, but you’re giving them the gift of safety. They don’t have to worry about getting pulled over or getting into an accident either. What a great gift.


The Clever Grip is already an extremely popular product. It’s lightweight, compatible for all phones, and easy to use. It’s a must-have product for anyone who spends any time in the car and has a cell phone. That’s basically everyone. You can’t afford to have an accident while driving because of your cell phone. You shouldn’t have to pay a ticket for talking or texting in the car. You shouldn’t have to struggle the entire length of a road trip, no matter how far, while trying to juggle your phone while trying to look at your GPS app while your phone sits in your lap. Using your phone in the car doesn’t need to be difficult or unsafe anymore. Using this product takes away the risks of being injured in an accident due to misuse of your cell phone, while adding the convenience of handling important calls hands-free so that you can drive safely. The best part is that’s affordable!

You can’t afford not to have one in all of your cars.


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