Why a Air Vent Cell Phone Holder ?


clever grip is a air vent phone holderThere are almost so many big advantages to moving away from dashboard and suction cup style ll phonell phone holders and towards vent style cell phone holders that we could go on and on for hours about those benefits, but we are going to break down three of the most impactful right now!

The first big advantage is that air vent style holders clip into your air vents, like Clever Grip. in a much more solid and stable way than dashboard or suction cup holders ever could have hoped to.

The biggest drawback that dashboard/suction cup style holders brought to the table was the fact that you could never really trust them to stay where you stuck them. They were always slipping and sliding all over the place, and even if you got them to stick where you wanted them for a reasonable amount of time just a quick pump of your brakes usually sent them flying all over the place.

Not air vent style holders – those clip in with a very solid locking mechanism and stay exactly where you set them up and never move unless you physically move them yourself.

You’ll never again have to worry about your expensive phone going all over the car when you hit the brakes or hit the accelerator unexpectedly – your phone is going to stay put on a permanent basis until you take it out of this cradle.

Another big benefit that you’ll enjoy is the fact that they are so much less intrusive than dashboard/suction cup holders. You aren’t going to have to deal with some oversized monstrosity taking up a tremendous amount of space on your dashboard when you go to one of these minimalist style air vent solutions.

Finally, these air vent style holders make smart phones a lot easier to use and manipulate while you are driving without ever having to take your eyes off of the road.

Because they clip the phone so close to the central “command center” of your vehicle you’ll always be able to use your phone – like a GPS, for example – without ever struggling to reach or control the device in the process.

Are air vent grip worth investing in?

You bet they are! This is probably and most popular and successful, read my review here.

In fact, if you haven’t already made the switch you’re going to want to think about doing so just as quickly as humanly possible. That’s how beneficial these amazingly inexpensive solutions are.

The entire way you use your smart phone in the car (and the way that you protect it while driving) will change forever the second that you switch from dashboard/suction cup cell phone holders to an air vent style system and solution!


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