Why You Should Use a Phone Holder On Your Car


You still can’t text, but you can do the next best thing

car phone mount exampleTexting and driving is never ever okay, unless someone is in the seat next to you as a passenger and can take care of it for you. Otherwise, it’s a big NO. A smart phone holder won’t text for you, but it will enable you to see who is texting you and what they say. Granted, if it’s a long text, you shouldn’t take your eyes off of the road to read it, but if it’s short enough, you can get an idea of what the person needs. If it’s something simple, then it can wait until you pull over and arrive at your destination. If it’s something that you need to address immediately, then you can call them with the touch of a button or voice dialing. No need to take your eyes off of the road, and you can still handle business that needs to be handled. Win/Win.

GPS is much easier when you can actually see where you’re going

car phone holder using google mapsBefore phones had apps (yes, there was a time!), there were physical GPS systems that would mount right on the window of your car. There was a reason for that. A GPS system usually requires that you keep at least a half an eye on the digital road and route that it’s planning for you. However, driving also requires that you keep an eye on the road. The same goes for mobile apps for GPS. You really can’t keep an eye on the road and in your lap at the same time. Cell phones don’t come with window mounts like the old GPS units did, but that’s exactly why having a air vent phone grip in your car makes GPS easy, and most importantly, safe.


Stop hunting for your phone – it’s right in front of you

It’s safe to say that everyone has lost their phone in the car at one point or another. A phone is pretty small, and a car is pretty big. They easily slide down the seat cushions or fall under the seat. A phone car holder helps you to keep track of your phone and has it in clear view.

When the phone rings, you know who is calling

When you’re driving and someone calls, your immediate reaction is to find your phone and to see who it is. That’s not so safe if it’s in your pocket or inside of your purse or bag. Taking your eyes off of the road for even a second can be deadly. A phone mount lets you dock your phone in front of you so that you can always see who it calling.


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